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EB-5 Investor Visa for Indians

EB-5 Visa for Indians is for those who wish to immigrate to the U.S.A for better educational, career opportunities and lifestyle. The interested Indian investors need to invest their capital in The EB-5 program to reap the benefits of U.S. Citizenship after 5 years. The investors need to invest (A) US $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in a specific Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or in a rural area. (B) Alternatively, they can invest US $1.8 million plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in a Non-TEA resulting in the creation of 10 jobs in the country for both the options.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services permit about 10,000 EB-5 Visas a year for all. Maximum applications for the EB-5 Visas in India come from the states of Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Gujarat. Once the Indian investors receive the EB-5 Visa, they can choose to reside in any part of the U.S. with family.

EB5Visa, LLC. helps Indian investors to fulfill their dream of being a U.S. citizen by effective process.

About EB -5 program

The EB-5 program falls within the authority and admiration of USCIS. The program was introduced by the U.S. Congress in 1990, to boost up the economy by attracting the foreign investment opportunities which will develop the economy and provide the jobs. By participating in a scheme, the investor will be awarded the residency and several other benefits.

How does it work?

The basic two requirements for the EB-5 program are:

  • The person needs to invest $1.8 million plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in the new commercial enterprise, the limit of capital varies in case if the Targeted Employment Area which is $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees. The term capital does include cash, cash equivalent and the investment made in kind. Here, the investor is liable to disclose the resource of the income.

  • Another condition is Job creation. The investment should be made in such manners that it does results in the creation of 10 full-time direct, indirect or induced jobs within the 2-year period. All the jobs should be created before the conditional residency period expires.

Who can apply for it?

The investor and his dependent family including the children under age of 21 are qualified to apply for the schemes, apart from the following people can opt for the scheme.

  • Professionals, business people
  • Retirees who want to invest in business
  • Parents willing to facilitate their child’s education
  • F-1 students who wish to start their business
  • Entrepreneurs

The residency will be Subject to the condition that you don’t override any condition of the sworn statements like any criminal records or drug addiction.

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Benefits of EB-5 visa

  • The investor and his dependent family will be eligible to get Green card.
  • The EB-5 programs offer permanent residency after completion and successful submission of I-829 petition.
  • As the person is going in a position of the entrepreneur or investor, he & his dependent family get exemptions in few qualifying criteria like education etc.
  • The scheme allows the investor to become the sponsor of dependent family members; you are free from the documentation and hustle of finding a sponsor.
  • Unlike under other schemes, the investor is permitted to live in any part of the country and he also gets few amenities like a discount in tuition fees and many others.
  • The person is free from the burden of getting the visa renewed every time as he received the green card. Also, investors and families are free to travel across other countries.
  • The scheme asks for the lower investment and also the investor doesn’t need to be the part of a day to day management.

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